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July 2023

Press release

It's summertime! Time for rest and vacation... But summer is also a time that reminds us a little more each year of the climate emergency we face, with episodes of drought, heatwaves and forest fires multiplying all over Europe. 


So this summer, the ATRE project partners are calling for action! Whether as professionals or travelers, we all have the power to act! 


Read our press release to find out more! 



Download the press release: in English - in French - in Spanish - in Italian - in Greek - in Dutch.

March 2023

The partners of the five countries participating in the project met in Paris from March 15 to 18, 2023 for their mid-project seminar, accompanied by their ambassadors, professionals from various fields of travel (guides, TO, travellers' association, restaurants, accommodation providers, etc.).


Ihe objective was to discuss the educational tools produced in order to collectively construct the reflection.

Find the photos of the seminarby clicking here.


Mid-project seminar

March 2023

Click on the images to download the presentation brochure of the project in French or in English. Find on page 2 the link to the resource center of the project (or by clicking here).

Feel free to share it around you!

Download the presentation of the ATRE project

Brochure French version.JPG


Brochure English version.JPG


August 2022

On average, where do people from your country go? With what means of transportation ? For how long ? How often ? What are the trends observed?

To find out, click on your country's flag!

The portrait of the tourist

April 2022

Press Release

Click on your language to download the ATRE project launch press release.

French-English-Spanish-Greek-Italian- Dutch

March 2022

The partners from the five countries involved in the ATRE project met on March 14 and 15, 2022 in Bologna, Italy, to officially launch the work!

See you in 2 years for the final results!

Project kick-off meeting

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