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Why should you act?

Why you ?

You can create change because:

  • Transport is the most emissive part of a trip! 28.5% of GHG emissions in Europe are due to the transport sector (European Environment Agency). This means you're a key player in the fight against climate change!

  • You are in direct contact with the public you transport, and therefore have a major role to play in raising their awareness!

  • Carriers play a crucial role in demonstrating proactive efforts to change and adapt. Get involved too!

​Legislation is changing fast, so anticipate it! In line with the Green Pact for Europe, the European Commission has already published its 'Strategy for Sustainable and Intelligent Mobility', which calls for a 90% reduction in emissions by 2050, in several stages including :


  • at least 30% of vehicles emitting no GHG by 2030, and almost the entire market by 2050,

  • GHG-free aircraft ready to enter the market by 2035.

Why now ?

To become a change maker, you have to go through four stages that can be summed up in these words: 

Measure - Reduce - Contribute - Adapt



Pollution and public health

Road traffic is a source of air pollution that is harmful to our environment and our health, and can cause heart and lung disease.

In 2017, in France, the Council of State ordered the implementation of plans to reduce concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine particulate matter (PM10) in 13 urban areas in France, in order to comply with the European directive on air quality.

Taking the measure of change

How to measure your carbon footprint?

Which means of transport emit the most emissions?

Measuring your carbon footprint is the essential starting point for any progress initiative! It enables you to identify the main sources of emissions in your business and act accordingly to reduce them.

Road transport (71.7%) and aviation (13.4%) are responsible for 85.1% of greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector in Europe. (European Environment Agency, 2022).

259g CO2 eq/km

5,70g CO2 eq/passenger/km

3,69g CO2 eq/passenger/km

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Adapt your actions to climate change

The increase in frequency and intensity of extreme weather phenomena such as hurricanes, storms, floods and heat waves, due to climate change, can lead to critical situations, all the more so in the case of passenger transport. This is why it is becoming necessary for mobility players to acquire crisis management skills. These include :

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